Friday, February 22, 2013

The Nicotine Patch

I tried the nicotine patch for a while, it wasn't so much for the craving of smoking but more the burst of energy I would feel from smoking a cigarette.  Patches are expensive to this really wasn't worth it, if you are highly addicted to the nicotine I have had friends that had a lot of success with the patch.

Once thing to take note of, do not wear the patch before bed time. If you do you will have some strange ass dreams that you won't forget any time soon. My mom tried it once and didn't believe me, the next morning she was like OMG!

Smoking and Stress

I quit smoking a few years ago, I did it cold turkey the first time. This worked pretty well, I will admit that when I would go out with my friends I would have an occasional cigarette.  Like anything else you have to figure out what your triggers are. For me I think there were two triggers.

1) Drinking - I'm talking about alcohol

2) Stress

I don't drink too often any more but stress is something that you'll always have in your life. To this day I still really crave a cigarette when I get really stressed out.